Dadu is the newest and the most modern ice cream production plant in Lithuania that creates the best treats for you, sweethearts!

Ice cream "Dadu Plombyras"
("Dadu Ice Cream") made
by the company JSC VIKEDA
became a medal winner in
the exhibition AGROBALT


Dadu started its production on the 12th of December 1997 in Lithuania. During the period, our ice cream became the most known and loved in the country. We thought why not to share it with the rest of the world, and so we did! Dadu is sold around the world notably in the UK, Germany, Russia, Australia. Now, for already more than 5 years you can also enjoy Dadu's unforgettable flavor in more than 30 states in the USA.

The modern and flexible production equipment, highly skilled personnel, firm standards and friendly work environment allow us to produce the myriad of top-notch flavors one cannot resist.

The Food Safety System HACCP was implemented in the company.
  Dadu people are so nice to us so we share our milk with love, together creating the best ice cream ever!  

"Dadu" ice cream is the combination of quality, traditions and innovation.
The Quality Management (EN ISO 9001:2001) and Environment Management (EN ISO 14001: 2004) systems certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance permit to operate not only in Lithuanian and European markets, but also in the USA markets, where demanding consumers can also find products that satisfy their tastebuds.
The best proof of the quality of our products is to know that even under the fierce competition that is the Lithuanian a young company such as us occupies 80% of the market.

Even though most of our ice cream recipes are classic, the advanced technology and modern equipment allows us to produce also new and interestingly shaped products that meet the highest quality standards.

During mid-summer season, "Dadu" invites Kėdainiai town dwellers and guests to the annual and the only ice cream festival "Ledų Lietus" ("The Rain of Ice Cream") in Lithuania.

When preparing for the ice cream festival "Ledų Lietus", on the 1st of August 1998 in Kėdainiai, the team of the company "Dadu" made a record ice cream portion weighing 59,5 kg and named it "Milžino Kaprizas" ("Giant’s Caprice") that was inscribed in the Lithuanian Book of Records.

Kaprizas Record - Dadu s Largest Ice cream

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